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Dead Poetz Society LLC

Dead Poetz Society is a one-stop, multi-dimensional marketing outfit designed to provide artists and indie labels with the tools to succeed in today’s independent music industry. By successfully adapting to the new media revolution, Dead Poetz Society has calibrated a winning formula to help others thrive in this dramatically changing landscape. With major labels experiencing an alarming decline in record sales, coupled with an oversaturation of music, artists must employ new strategies to get noticed. The internet, which plays host to countless social networks, lifestyle sites and blogs, have allowed artists to pave their own way. This is particularly true for independent music. Let’s face it, the same promotional tactics that got results five to ten years ago are simply outdated. Navigating this enhanced marketplace is an effort that presents challenges, but by allowing Dead Poetz Society to provide the proper consulting, new media technology, online marketing strategies and premium digital distribution services, artists and labels may begin to experience new thresholds of exposure, relevance and success. On behalf of Dead Poetz Society, we welcome you to review our detailed list of services and look forward to working with you on your next campaign.



DPS is equally as interested in being part of the development of your next project as we are in executing the strategies necessary to efficiently market and promote your release. Production DPS embodies a vast network for producers, singers, songwriters & engineers that can help your sound achieve new heights.


Graphic Design

Our experienced design team specializes in logos, covers, album packaging, ad campaigns, banners/flyers, web design and more. 



By engaging various online marketing strategies, public relations objectives and email campaigns, DPS can help bring the maximum exposure to both your content and brand.


Online Marketing

Increase your online visibility and promote your content via lifestyle websites, blogs and social networks.


Public Relations

Strategically utilized to yield reviews, interviews and features.

Email Blast Campaigns

Promote your content directly to your target demographic through our email marketing services.


Digital Distribution

DPS provides worldwide digital distribution to both major and market-specific digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Zune, and Amalgam Digital, among others.

Projects are pitched for retail marketing features.

Create your own imprint under our DPS umbrella.

Allow us to handle all of the challenging aspects of your release, from securing release dates to the processing of your metadata to accounting.


Creative Licensing

Sample-free material submitted for digital distribution are cataloged and shopped for various sync/licensing opportunities.


Radio Promotions

Our radio promotions services are catered towards both college and non-com radio and mix-shows.

Campaigns are typically structured for a song to be serviced for either spins or charting.

Single Campaigns: Eight week radio campaign charted through leading urban trade journals.

Album Campaigns: Promote your entire album by way of College Music Journal's (CMJ) Top 40 Hip-Hop Charts.



Under our management umbrella, DPS provides management and/or representation for our clientele of both burgeoning and established artists, producers, singers and songwriters.